3:10pm. I get a text from a random number (not private this time). "we're outside."

I step out of the studio and I see a large GMC truck scouring the area for a parking space. Three huge light-skinned dudes step out of the truck. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! These guys were big as fuck. The owner of the building where my studio is located was around today. He came out to say hi to Unknown and his people. I could literally see his legs shaking as he shook hands with them. One of the guys was as wide as he was tall. This was Unknown's brother whom I had been speaking with on the phone. Unknown himself was the shortest of the three guys (he was 6"2). He looked like he was in his late teens-early twenties; significantly younger than the others. I would later find out that he was going to be 15 in two months. Like I said, HUUGEE!

Despite their larger than life appearance and the fact that they scared the crap out of the owner of the building, unknown and his brother were actually pretty chill. The third guy, not so much, but it didn't matter and I'll explain why to you later . All of them were of Samoan descent and they lived in Detroit. They were just in Vancouver on summer vacation. Unknown had taken a liking to music and his brother wanted him to test his skills in a studio.  We talked for a few more minutes before Unknown was ready to record. We recorded two tracks. One was a cover and the other was an original which he did a freestyle on. It took about 4 hours total. I think Unknown was just stoked to be in a studio because literally, everything I did, his response was, "that's sick bro!" His brother had a smile beaming across his face the whole time we were recording. I have to say though, for a first-timer at the age of 15, dude really has a lot of potential.

The total for this session was $360. I offered to give them a discount. Unknown's brother dismissed this with a laugh, saying he "enjoyed" seeing his baby brother happy. He reached for his pockets, pulled out a fat stack of $20 bills and handed me a chunk from it. I counted it.

"You gave me $40 over", I explained.

"Do you want me to take it back?" , he asked.

With a bright smile on my face, I replied, "no".

"Good answer, it's  yours"

While it was a really good session/paycheck, I was somewhat relieved that I didn't hear from these guys again. The number which Unknown's brother texted me with didn't go through when I called back to inquire where to send them the final master of their tracks. Unknown's brother called me later (with a private number) and told me where to email the tracks to. I don't want to jump into any conclusions, but did you notice how I never mentioned the third guy in the group? It's because I barely saw him. He was outside the studio "keeping watch" as per Unknown's brother's instructions. Who these guys were is totally up for debate, but I'll say this. In general, it was a great session that made me forget the previous shitty session I had.

That said, I can't help but think about what would've happened if Unknown wasn't happy with his session :|