My Studio session with: Unknown

You'll probably have fun reading about this session, but I swear, I thought this was going to be my last studio session ever. There are a bunch of things I decided to leave out because I REALLY don't want the people involved to know I'm talking about them. I'm just happy I'm alive to write about it (Okay that's being too dramatic). But yeah, enjoy!

I usually post ads for my studio on Craigslist- it's free and legal so, might as well. But if you're a producer/audio engineer, you probably know it's a bullshit strategy. By bullshit, I mean, for every artist you get from CL, you'll get 5 from face-to-face connections. And I'm including the "no show" artists too. But, like I said, free and legal so no harm in using it. You'll see how this ties into the story.

I was scheduled for a 9:am session with this one female artist whom I met through a mutual friend. I was getting the studio ready the day before when I got a call from an anonymous number inquiring about a studio session.

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded part stoned, part cocky, with a  watered-down  Ebonics accent. He had heard about my studio from - you guessed it- craigslist, and he wanted his brother to come and record there. He said he and his brother could only be at the studio on the same day I would be recording the female artist. Thankfully, their preferred time slot was 3:pm- a few hours after she would have been gone.

Now, I'll be completely honest; I was 99% sure that they would NOT show up. Like, seriously? A semi-stoned craigslist connect calling me with a private number to set up a session with his brother? This was a definite no-show. Nevertheless, I acted professionally and we agreed to meet at the set time.