I got connected with Siamese through my business partner at the time who told me about them. He consistently maintained his emphasis on how good they were and convinced me to give them a discounted price for a session; but, if you've done this audio engineering thing long enough, you get accustomed to excessive hype by artists about their skill level. Excluding salespeople, artists are the masters of persuasion and they’ll say/promise anything just to get a deal/free session out of you. As such, my default reaction is to not believe anything until I ACTUALLY see it. Nevertheless, he was my business partner so I felt I could bend my rules a bit for him. The session with Siamese was set up pretty quickly and we were in the studio the very next day.

They arrived about 45 minutes late which normally would have been annoying, but today, it was a good thing. I had someone in the studio who was taking much longer than expected to finish his track. The last thing I wanted was to have different artists who had never known each other in the same studio together.

Now, I know you might be asking, "what's wrong with that?", but trust me, it's a bad thing. My countless hours of recording different artists have taught me, among many other things, that good music is all about having the right energy when the song is being made.

Translation:  Most Artists don't like recording around people they don't know. It's less about arrogance and more about feeling free to get in their "comfort zone" and make their music without restrictions for fear of judgment from other people in the room. It’s one of the best things I like about recording artists actually; seeing the different ways that different artists get their creative juices flowing; more on all this in a later post. For now, let's get back to Siamese.