Have you ever wondered why your track usually sounds much lower than that of your favorite artist? The problem is simple: your track was not mastered properly (or at all). Without getting into all the techy details, mastering essentially increases the volume of your track to a professional level. The higher the volume of your track, the more it can gain the attention of your listeners.


Compared to recording and mixing, mastering is a lot quicker but more difficult to do. Over 100 tracks have been mastered at BTB Audio, many of which were featured on radio and music blogs, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice. Typically, most of our clients combine mastering and mixing together. As such, our mastering process is fairly similar to the mixing process and also consists of 5 stages:


1. Assessment: Before we work with any artist, we make sure we're the right fit for you, and that we have everything you need to be happy you picked us. So, we'll ask you a few questions about your needs and the specifics of your project to make sure you have an awesome experience at BTB Audio. Questions asked in the assessment process usually include:

  • Your level of experience

  • Your goals with your music

  • Your creative process

  • Any specifications you may have

  • Your budget

And much more! So get ready for an extensive conversation about your favorite topic- you. The assessment stage is usually done over a phone call, but can also be done over email if that works better for you

2. Proposal: After assessment, you'll be given a quote based on your needs and specifications which we agreed to in the assessment stage. Our mastering quote is usually very detailed and contains information such as:

  • The timeline for each song

  • The number of revisions allowed for the project

  • The cost of the project

  • Terms & conditions

And much more. Mastering quotes are usually an add-on to mixing projects. If this is the case, we will require a deposit (between 30 and 50 percent of the project cost) to be paid before we begin. The balance of the project is then paid after the first draft is delivered. Standalone mastering projects are a lot cheaper and quicker, so we will require a full deposit to be paid before the project begins.

3. Draft Delivery: The wait is finally over! You finally get to hear what your mastered track sounds like. The first draft is sent to you in an mp3 format for easy downloading and listening. There are no surprises as to when you’ll get your first draft; it’s stated in the proposal stage. But let’s cut down your guessing by a lot more- most of our artists will get their first draft 2 days after the mastering process begins.

4. Revisions: 99.9% of our first drafts are usually at about 90% complete, and the remaining 10% will be reached after revisions have been made to them. We’d like to say that we get it right on the first try every time, but that would be a lie. While that has happened in the past, there will usually be one or two revisions before your track will be just perfect. Most projects come with 5 revisions, but the song is typically finalized after the second revision.

5. Final Delivery: Your track has been mastered to perfection and you're full of smiles that you picked BTB Audio as your mastering engineer. Your mastered track(s) will be delivered to you in 2 formats; one High-Quality mp3 for easy download and upload to social media and email, and one High-Quality wav file for uploading to streaming platforms.